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Hi! I'm Salomé Cozette, a creative thinker and productivity enthusiast! More importantly, I'm here to help you and your business reach their true potential.

I work with online business owners who want to free up their time to focus on what’s important.

Outside of general project management and administration tasks, I can help you made or upgrade your online courses, proofread and edit your craft, design logos or slide decks and much more.

I am also a very curious mind and love to research and develop new skills. So if you are just looking for a high-performing, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic VA then I'm your person! 

Let's connect to see how I can help you and your business!


Why you need a VA

Running a business can be overwhelming especially for small teams. You have a lot on your to-do list and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything.  And if you are starting to expand and want to push your business to the next level, prioritising tasks and delegating is crucial. The truth is: you can't do everything by yourself. And that's ok! 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an amazing way to push your business forward. You get to delegate unwanted tasks to someone else who not only enjoys it but as expertise in it. And if you struggle with delegating, a VA can help you made the right decisions!  

Moreover, a VA operates 100% online which means greater flexibility and accountability. 

How I can help you

Every VA is different and we can help with so much more than managing your schedule or doing your bookkeeping. 

I can also help you grow your business through:

  • Online Course Creation and Optimisation

  • Project Management

  • Editing and Proofreading 

  • Designing logos, posters, and other marketing material (using Canva)

  • Managing and organising your emails, documents, and folders

  • Being your accountability-buddy

  • Research on your behalf 

  • Offer thoughtful feedback and ideas

  • Create forms, documents, slides (using Google Workspace or MS Office)

  • Take minutes of meetings

The list goes on! I am an extremely curious person who loves to research new fields and earn new skills. Want to learn more about what I can offer? Go check out my Service page! 


Want to know what clients have to say about me? It's right here!

"Salomé is the secret weapon in my business. Because of her, I was able to finally free up my time and focus on the most important tasks in my company. No matter what needs to get done, she is able to figure it out and get it done fast without much hand-holding and instruction. Her self-organization, time management, and project management skills are amazing and she is super efficient - I only hired her for 15 hrs a week but she gets more done than most VA's working 30+ hours a week. What stands out as well is that she truly understands our company's goals and thus she is able to prioritize effectively, bring valuable ideas and input to the table and I can fully trust her to manage other team members. Apart from all of that, her can-do attitude, flexibility, and positive mindset make her a true pleasure to work with."

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