administrative support

Delegate the small, focus on the big



2 to 5 hours a week


For those looking for a little help here and there.

$30 per hour


5 to 10 hours a week

You've got a little too much on your plate and you'd like consistent help with varied tasks.

$25 per hour


Up to 15 hours a week

Now, you're busy and need a right hand to balance your plate. 

$20 per hour


Want to know what clients have to say about me? It's right here!

"Salomé is the secret weapon in my business. Because of her, I was able to finally free up my time and focus on the most important tasks in my company. No matter what needs to get done, she is able to figure it out and get it done fast without much hand-holding and instruction. Her self-organization, time management, and project management skills are amazing and she is super efficient - I only hired her for 15 hrs a week but she gets more done than most VA's working 30+ hours a week. What stands out as well is that she truly understands our company's goals and thus she is able to prioritize effectively, bring valuable ideas and input to the table and I can fully trust her to manage other team members. Apart from all of that, her can-do attitude, flexibility, and positive mindset make her a true pleasure to work with."